Burlesque Show

Provocative. Risque. Fun. Who would have thought two feather fans could be so seductive. You’ll love this show so much you’ll end up dancing along in your seat. So sit back, put your hands together, and get ready for the show.

Dance of the Dead

You never know what song and dance will inspire our zombies when they take the spotlight.

Zombie Photo Ops

You don’t need brains to attract our selfie-addicted zombies, just a camera. Be sure to stop them for a photo op!

Jack o’ Lanterns

Discover artisan-carved jack o’ lanterns adorning the various shops of the shire, bringing Halloween joy to all who see them.

The Pumpkin King

Halloween legends speak of the mysterious Pumpkin King and his ability to grant luck to those who stand by his side for a short time. Stand with the King long enough to capture a selfie and see what luck stands before you in the coming year.

Halloween Photos

Don’t miss your opportunity to capture the magic of the night with a photo from Festival Fotos. Costumes available. (Fee applies).

Fortune Tellers

It is said that the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead becomes thinner as we approach Halloween. There has never been a better time to see what your future may have in store. (fees apply)

Kids Costume Show

Our Kids Costume Show gives your child a chance to be on stage and show off their costume. Don’t forget to capture their smile as the crowd cheers and applauds them.

Shop by Lantern Light

New England’s largest Medieval Marketplace is aglow with Halloween lights and lanterns to create a magical shopping experience.

Safe Trick or Treat

Get ready for a trick or treating experience they’ll look forward to all year long. With over 80 participating shops, your wee ones will be all smiles, and you’ll have a chance to check out the shops as you go.