The fun begins on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, September 2



The Connecticut Renaissance FaireĀ®

25th Anniversary Celebration!

LUTE the Living Statue

Behold a true work of art come to life at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire! Our mesmerizing living statue embodies grace, serenity, and kindness, enchanting all who witness her ethereal movements. No cheap thrills or rude surprises here – just a stunning display of intentional motion that’s sure to captivate your heart and imagination. You’ll find […]

The Harlot Queens

Come see these cunning and mischievous queens at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire! With their wit, charm, and captivating voices, these sultry sirens will regale you with tales of their colorful pasts while luring you into their spell. Don’t be surprised if they pick your pocket or convince you to pose for some “artistic” photos. But […]

Warriors of Elysium

Sept 3rd to the 11th only! The Warriors of Elysium are a a full contact martial arts & living history group that portray the life & combat of the ancient Amazon & Myrmidon tribes from North Afrika, Greece & the Black Sea. Walk back into history & watch the mighty battles of the Trojan War, […]

Once Improv a Time

Attention all medieval comedy fans! Get ready to embark on a hilarious adventure alongside Princess _____ and Sir ______alot at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire. From thwarting evil empresses to battling wizards, you won’t want to miss this epic mad-libbed musical comedy! With each show being completely unique, join us for a one-of-a-kind experience that will […]

Cast in Bronze

[Sept 2 to 24 only] – Hear the hauntingly beautiful sound of the Carillon played by Cast in Bronze’s renowned Carillonneur. Charlie brings his expertise and musical flair to this unique experience, providing epic performances that transport you to another time. Dating back to 1510, the Carillon’s baton keyboard was first used to raise the […]

Lady Pretensia Presents

Join us for Merry Manners and The Knowledge Symposium at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, where Lady Pretensia has convinced some of the townsfolk to join her on the Sovereign Stage!

The Crimson Pirates

Set sail with the Crimson Tide crew for an unforgettable maritime, Celtic, and folk music experience! From traditional Irish, Scottish, and English tunes to modern hits like Animaniacs, our crooning corsairs will have you singing and dancing in no time. Get ready to hoist the anchor and dance the jig with the most dynamic pirate […]

The Sisters Pendragon

Get ready for a hilarious mix of stories, swords, and comedy with The Sisters Pendragon! These sisters bring classic tales to life with their unique methods of storytelling. Will Penny’s love for dramatic fights win, or will Jenny’s belief in love’s triumph prevail? With two distinct shows, “The Hero’s Journey Comedic Improv Show” and “The […]

Knight School

Join us for an interactive history lesson at the Knights Encampment! Learn about the lives of knights and squires with fun and engaging activities for all ages. Quest Giving – 11am and 12pm Don’t Lose your Head: Helmet Demo – 12:30pm Strike a Pose: Medieval Weapons Demo – 2:15pm For Honor and Glory: Roles of […]

Boom Boom Shake

Get ready to experience a cultural explosion with Boom Boom Shake at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire! This Middle Eastern-inspired show will have you dancing to world percussion beats and entranced by unforgettable guitar and violin melodies. Don’t miss the mesmerizing bellydancers as they captivate with fiery veil dances and intricate movements. So put on your […]