Zoltan the Adequate

Oct 8th thru the 16th Only! Zoltan returns to CTRF for a two weekend guest spot this year! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder why you keep subjecting yourself to this bizarre form of punishment.  Zoltan guarantees 100% adequacy in all he does, and he’ll make you laugh while he’s doing it. Magic and stupidity, three times a day.”

The Saucy Sailor

What do you do with a drunken sailor? We hire him! Find Jeffrey Tanner stumbling the streets of the shire going from pub to pub playing his sea shanties for your amusement and delight. Find Jeffrey in our all new Pirate’s Cove this fall!

Knighting Ceremony with Queen Elizabeth

Has your young knight or lady brought honor to his house and to her name? Have them present themselves to Queen Elizabeth at the hour of ONE BELL of the CLOCK at the Rose & Crown Stage to receive their accolades! Happens just prior to the Royal Parade but at the end of Boons & […]

Pub Magic with Master Hildebrand

All Weekends EXCEPT Sept 24-25. Prepare to be Amazed! Astonished! Flabbergasted! Dumbfounded! And lots of other words! Master Hildebrand returns with his unique brand of pub magic. Find him wandering the lanes or at The Chamber Pot Pub and Stage daily!

Meet the Royals

Queen Elizabeth returns to Lebonshire for their yearly celebration! Join her and her Royal visitors at The Sovereign Stage at TEN and FOURTY-FIVE and pay tribute to Her Majesty.

Test of Strength

Swing the hammer to ring the bell! Compete with fellow patrons in the daily “Strong man Contest” to prove that you are indeed the strongest lord in the kingdom!

The Royal Maze

Take a stroll through the Maze as you hunt for lost treasure!

Tomato Torment

An interactive comedy show that is fun for the whole family! Hurl tomatoes at the witty insultur as he entertains you!


Real bows and arrows and we let YOU use them! *Fee applies

Smite the Knight

Do you have what it takes to defeat one of Her Majesty’s greatest warriors? Find out in the ring! Smite the Knight is a safe “Boffer” style combat game where you square off against one of our “trained professionals” in safe, fun sword play. First one to five hits is declared the winner! Fun for […]