Lady Pretensia Presents

Lady Pretensia Knobble (pronounced Noble) has convinced some of the townsfolk to help her present  “Cupid and Psyche”, “Merry Manners” and more at the Sovereign Stage.

Knights School

Education in a fun and real environment! Bring your little ones…or just yourself and learn something about the lives of knights and squires. Quest Giving – 11am and 12pm Don’t Lose your Head: Helmet Demo – 12:30pm Strike a Pose: Medieval Weapons Demo – 2:15pm For Honor and Glory: Roles of Knights and Squires Preparing […]

Story of Queen Elizabeth

The year is 1564. Elizabeth — Queen of England, Ireland, Wales, and France — is celebrating her yearly progress in Lebanshire, where the Lord Mayor has pulled out all the stops for entertaining Her Majesty! Jousting! Juggling! Music! Storytellers! And Fairies! Nobles and dignitaries from around the known world are here to celebrate with the […]

Knighting Ceremony with Queen Elizabeth

Has your young knight or lady brought honor to his house and to her name? Have them present themselves to Queen Elizabeth at the hour of ONE BELL of the CLOCK at the Rose & Crown Stage to receive their accolades! Happens just prior to the Royal Parade but at the end of Boons & […]

Meet the Royals

Queen Elizabeth returns to Lebonshire for their yearly celebration! Join her and her Royal visitors at The Sovereign Stage at TEN and FOURTY-FIVE and pay tribute to Her Majesty.

Sheriff Bracken

Sept 18 thru Oct 17 only! Be wary when you wander the streets of Lebanshire, for Sheriff Bracken is on patrol. His interpretation of the law is versatile enough to incriminate you on wide variety of offences, be they real or imagined. Remember, your innocence is nothing more than the delusion of a wicked mind. […]

The Penniless Jacks

The Penniless Jacks are charismatic purveyors of pub music. Whether it be centuries-old shanties, boisterous drinking songs, rousing rebel tunes, or ballads of love, The Penniless Jacks will have you singing, clapping, and stamping along to their unique sound and energy.

Shakespeare Approves!

Join your friendly, neighbourhood Shakespeare as he takes you on adventures full of merriment: sword fights, mistaken identities, star-cross’d lovers, flying implements of doom, musical numbers, death by fluffy kittens, and … being pursued by a bear. The Shakespearean adventures are zany performances shaped to be fun for everyone!

Armored Combat Demo

Watch as the Knights of Gore don full plate armor and beat the living daylights out of each other in an unrehearsed, no holds-barred, medieval battle.

Spur of the Moment Jousting

When you hear the words “Spur of the Moment” , it evokes spontaneity, impulse and excitement; a perfect description of our Joust show! Come and see brightly attired knights on their valiant steeds battling at the joust, or showing off their skills in games involving precision and timing! Some of the challenges are rehearsed….other times, […]