Warriors of Elysium

Sept 3rd to the 11th only! The Warriors of Elysium are a a full contact martial arts & living history group that portray the life & combat of the ancient Amazon & Myrmidon tribes from North Afrika, Greece & the Black Sea. Walk back into history & watch the mighty battles of the Trojan War, […]

Smee, The Singing Executioner

Oct 15-16 only! You’ll lose your head from laughter when this legendary performer takes the stage to sing some of his greatest hits like “At the Block” and so many more! Don’t miss this master of the macabre on our final weekend only!

The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told

Sept 3rd thru Sept 18 only! The Plot: Flung into the future by a musical-loving Sea Witch, a crew of misfit pirates-turned-actors must now perform the greatest pirate epic ever seen on stage! But when their script is partially obscured by a tragic squid ink accident, the crew must turn to the audience to fill […]

Cast in Bronze

All weekends EXCEPT 15-16 OCT – The instrumentalist that plays the Carillon is known as the Carillonneur. The first carillon was inFlanders (northern Europe) where the carillonneur performed music on the bells of Qudenaarde Town Hall in 1510 by using a baton keyboard to raise the spirits of the people. The beautifully haunting sound of […]

Lady Pretensia Presents

Pretensia has convinced some of the townsfolk to join her for Merry Manners and The Knowledge Symposium on the Sovereign Stage.

The Crimson Pirates

Sept 3rd to 18th only! Since the year of our Lord 1996, the intrepid crew of the Crimson Tide has been commandeering stages across the country to entertain sea dogs and landlubbers alike with an expansive repertoire of maritime, Celtic and folk music, featuring everything from standard Irish, English and Scottish tunes to Stan Rogers to the […]

The Sisters Pendragon

What do you get when you mix stories, swords, and comedy? The Sisters Pendragon! Jenny and Penny Pendragon love to bring classic tales to the streets of the shire, but their methods of storytelling often conflict, leading to hilarity. Penny insists that every story must have blood and dramatic fights to the death, while Jenny […]

Knights School

Education in a fun and real environment! Bring your little ones…or just yourself and learn something about the lives of knights and squires. Quest Giving – 11am and 12pm Don’t Lose your Head: Helmet Demo – 12:30pm Strike a Pose: Medieval Weapons Demo – 2:15pm For Honor and Glory: Roles of Knights and Squires Preparing […]

Shank Painters

Sept 24 & 25 only! Your favorite sea-farin’ scalliwags, The Shank Painters are a sea shanty band from Portland, ME who be blood-bound to rouse yar inner pirate in song!

Boom Boom Shake

Oct 8 thru 16 Only! With middle eastern roots, Boom Boom Shake will dazzle with world percussion beats and inspire with unforgettable guitar and violin melodies. Bellydancers fascinate with fiery veil dances and mesmerize with movement. Bring your dancing shoes, because you won’t be able to resist the groove!