Medical Demonstration by das Geld Fähnlein

WEEKS 4, 5, 6 & 7 ONLY! Soldiers are highly prone to injury and illness, which is why das Geld Fähnlein has skilled medical personnel on hand to handle emergencies as they arise. Covering everything from balancing your humours to amputating a shattered limb, the latest in medical knowledge will amaze and, likely, disturb you.

Knightwings: Birds of Prey

Witness the beauty of these incredible birds of prey in flight. Watch them chase lures and perform for the audience.

Weapons Demo by das Geld Fähnlein

Sept 18 thru Oct 17! Witness the latest in military technology and technique as demonstrated by the members of das Geld Fähnlein. From swords to guns, these Landsknecht are the most feared soldiers on the 16th century battlefield. Warning: blackpowder guns will be fired.

Historical Cooking Demo by das Geld Fähnlein

Cooking demo

Sept 18 thru Oct 17! 11AM and throughout the day at the Living History Encampment. An army marches on its stomach and the women of das Geld Fähnlein are experts at keeping those stomachs full! Campfire cooking produces amazing results in the hands of these skilled camp followers.