Independent Performers

We are always looking for talented stage-or-lane acts that fit our genre and are unique to the New England area.



  • Circus-style Performers: Aerialists, Jugglers, Hula Hoops, Juggling Orbs, Stiltwalker, Wheel of Death, Fire Performers, and similar shows.
  • Pirate: Pirate music, fighting, and comedy.
  • Pub & Bawdy: PG-rated singing and musical performances.
  • Period Instruments: Harpists, Drummers, Dulcimer, Violins, etc., with or without accompanying vocals. 
  • For Children: Puppetry, music, and shows for the wee folk. 
  • Musicians & Singers: Bardcore, period singing, electric harps, and performances that are less than 100% of the period. 
  • Swordplay: typically sword fighting & comedy, but we are open to other unique shows. 
  • Fire: Fire jugglers and other outstanding performances.
  • Dance: Scottish, Middle Eastern, Irish, Celtic, Dance Instruction, Maypole, etc.
  • Magic: comedic, mindreading, street, hypnotism, and other unique magic shows.
  • Storytellers: traditional storytelling and other notable performances.
  • Others: If you have a special show you think might work at a Renaissance Faire, send it our way.


If you are interested in becoming part of our show, please follow the instructions to contact us on this page. If we are interested in your performance, we’ll reach out. 

Who to Contact

Please contact Faire General Manager, Brian Harvard, at

What to Include

Please include the following in your email:

  1. Reels: Any links to audition videos that demonstrate your show. 
  2. Social Media: Links to any social media accounts related to your show.
  3. Day Rate: What you charge to perform per day. 
  4. Contact Info: Please include the best way to contact you. 
  5. Photos: A link to images of your performance.

When Will You Hear Back?

If we are interested in your performance we will reach out to you via email or the method you specified as the best way to reach you.

If we are not interested in your performance at this time, we will move your email to our list of potential performances for future shows.