Saturday, September 16, 2023 • ADULTS 18+ ONLY

Every once in a while, you stumble across an event that makes you want more. Without a doubt, Queen’s Knight is that event. A winning combination of 18+ entertainment complete with contests, drinks, and more. It is pure enjoyment.

What more could you ask? A funny host? Adult humor and songs? We’ve got that in spades.

If you enjoy randy shows geared toward adults, this is the event you’ve been looking for. Queen’s Knight doesn’t begin until the Faire closes at 6 pm. Costumes are not required, but kilts and cleavage are encouraged. Join the fun and “Seize the Knight”!

Queen’s Knight Fast Facts

  • WHO: Adults ages 18+ with proper ID.
  • WHAT: Queen’s Knight – an after-hours event at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire.
  • WHERE: 122 Mack Road, Lebanon, CT.
  • WHEN: Saturday, September 16, 2023. Begins after the Faire closes. Ends at 9:30 pm.
  • WHY: You don’t need a reason to have fun.
  • COST: Included with same-day admission to the Faire.

The Queen's Gambit

Wild. Daring. Sexy. Our after-hours contests are a dazzling display of adult fun. These competitions are off the charts. A thrill a minute that sweeps you into the excitement of the evening. If you’ve been to Queen’s Knight before, you know what we mean. If you’re new, get ready for a wild ride.

You can watch the contests and cheer from the audience or join the competition and take your fun to the next level. Laugh, compete and try to win the big prize. You’ve got this.


POPULAR! It’s the hottest competition in Connecticut, and it has taken the Faire by storm. To win, you’ll need a kilt, some courage, a bit of wit, a dash of humor, and knees for days! Play those together just right with a twirl and a spin to win the love of the crowd.


POPULAR!  Babes in Bodices is a catchy name for our cleavage contest. You don’t need a bodice to participate, but you certainly need the right assets. It’s a game of motion combined with courage, wit, humor, and daring IYKWIM. Play with the crowd to win!

Be Advised: Due to the active and provocative nature of these two contests, exposure is likely.

The Knight's Fun

Our evening is filled with exciting contests, music, and comedy that will have you wishing we ran after-hours events all the time. All shows and performances subject to change without notice. 

Burlesque Show

Provocative. Risque. Fun. Who would have thought two feather fans could be so seductive. You’ll love this show so much you’ll end up dancing along in your seat. So sit back, put your hands together, and get ready for the show.