The fun begins on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, September 2



The Connecticut Renaissance Faire®

25th Anniversary Celebration!

Become a Volunteer

Volunteering at the Faire is a great way to get outside, have fun working with friends, and help brighten someone’s day. It is your chance to try something new and rewarding with your spare time and be part of something bigger. You’ll make a real contribution to the local community while growing your network of friends who share a common interest

During Our Off Season

If you’ve worked in theatre before and understand set design, we need you. We’re looking to create unique sets, paint them, and impress the public with your mad skills. The set design takes place during our off-season.

Two Weeks Before Opening

If you’re good with a hammer and simple outdoor work, we could use a hand. Help us set up stages, hang signs, and decorate the fairgrounds with a Renaissance flair. Help may involve some lifting and starts two weeks before we open.

During the Show

We need help in our box office during the show, greeters at our front gate, and security. Greeters need to have Renaissance Faire attire. Working in the Box Office and security can involve everyday clothing for the weather.

After the Show

It takes us two weeks to set up the show and only three to break it down. Our breakdown is fast-paced, and we could use a hand taking apart stages, packing things up, and tidying the site. Like setup, this may involve some lifting.

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Volunteer FAQ

We try to answer as many of your questions as possible below. If you need to know something we haven’t listed, please email Tracy at

Do I Need to Register as a Volunteer?

Yes. Please click the "Sign Up Now" button when you are ready to join us. We open volunteer registration approximately 45 days before the Faire opens.

When Can I Expect to Hear From Tracy?

Tracy usually doesn't start contacting volunteers until a month before the Faire opens. If you signed up in this timeframe and haven't heard from us within 48 hours, please reach our office at 860-478-5954 or email

How Long is a Volunteer Shift?

While our preference is the entire day, we ask all volunteers to help for a minimum of four hours. We understand if you can't make it for a whole day. Just let us know when you sign up. The Faire opens at 10:30 am and closes at 6:00 pm. We'll let you know when we'd like you to arrive based on what position you choose.

What if I Signed up But Can't Make it?

If you signed up for a particular day, you can follow the "sign up" button link to cancel your volunteer shift. If you need to do this, please cancel as soon as possible to help us with proper scheduling. We reserve the right to refuse volunteers for future help who cancel frequently.

Do I Need a Costume?

Some positions do require you to have your own Renaissance Faire attire, while others do not. During signup, we make it clear which positions do or don't.

What Positions Are Available?

We do our best to put you in the volunteer position you request. We may need to relocate you based on changing needs of the day.

  1. Box Office [Costume Required]: Take a seat and be the first person our guests engage. You'll be with another volunteer selling tickets to patrons in our temperature-controlled event Box Office. Experience handling cash and credit cards is a plus. 
  2. Front Gate [Costume Required]: After guests have purchased a ticket, you're the next person to greet them with positive expectations. This rewarding position can be a lot of standing. Knowledge of the Faire is helpful to answer questions. 
  3. Information Booth [Costume Required]: "Miss Information" may be your name, but you are available to patrons to answer any questions accurately. If you don't have an answer, you can find out by radioing the team. Prior experience at the Faire is helpful to answer questions, but a positive demeanor with a willingness to learn goes a long way.
  4. Security [Costume Optional]: You've got a cool head on your shoulders and a keen eye as you attentively handle issues that come up around the Faire. This position can involve standing or sitting at a single location and a lot of walking around the Faire.
  5. Site Maintenance [Costume Optional]: Using a grabber reacher and cleaning supplies, you make sure the grounds are clean and tables cleared. This position involves a lot of walking, lifting (trash bags out of cans), and bending. 
  6. The Hostel [Costume Optional]: You're an essential part of the Faire working behind the scenes in our Green Room known as The Hostel. Here you help with setting up and serving food during meal times. You also help keep the area clean and pack things up once mealtime is finished. 
  7. EMS [Costume Optional]: As a member of our certified Emergency Medical Services team (EMT or above), you are crucial to our guests and participants. While you primarily address bee stings and minor injuries, we may call upon you for more significant emergencies.

When is Volunteer Orientation?

Volunteer orientation takes place on Saturday or Sunday, the weekend before the Faire opens. Tracy will send an email with the exact date and time. During orientation, we show you around the grounds, introduce you to people you need to know and answer any questions you may have.

Can I Camp Overnight at the Faire?

All approved volunteers can sleep at the Faire overnight in the free camping area if they are helping for the entire weekend. You will need to fill out a camping form and send it to to request a space. Be sure to let them know you are a volunteer.

Download a camping form

Should I Bring Something to Eat?

If you have dietary restrictions, we advise bringing something to eat and drink. All volunteers have access to our participant green room known as The Hostel. See FAQ on Volunteer Perks.

The Faire also has many affordable food options if you have time and don't mind waiting in line.

What is Your Drug & Alcohol Policy

You must be completely sober while volunteering for the Faire. Completely.

Can I Volunteer if I am Under 18?

All volunteers must be at least 16 years old to participate. Volunteers aged 16 and 17 will need written permission from a parent or legal guardian.

I am a Certified Emergency Responder. Can I Help With That?

If you are a certified Emergency Responder (EMT or higher) and would like to help, please sign up for that volunteer opportunity. We require up-to-date credentials.

Can I Get a Letter of Recommendation?

We are happy to provide you with an official Letter of Recommendation from the Faire. If you are interested in pursuing this, please let us know before you start volunteering to allow us to create the best possible recommendation.

Are There Any Perks For Volunteering?

  1. Complimentary Ticket to the Faire: For every four-hour block you help the Faire, we'll give you a complimentary ticket to the show. Use it on days you're not volunteering or share it with friends and family. 
  2. Access to Free Camping: We invite volunteers helping on a particular weekend to take advantage of our free camping area.
  3. The Hostel: On days you are helping, all volunteers have access to our participant green room known as The Hostel. The Hostel is organized and run by Lady Reddy and Lord Rhuff, who help make free meals and snacks available to participants during specific times. Much of the food is a potluck with ingredient lists to help you watch for potential allergens. Please do not visit the Hostel on any day you are not volunteering.
  4. Add it to Your Résumé: We're more than a volunteer opportunity. We're something you can be proud to add to your résumé. We're even willing to provide job references and a Letter of Recommendation. Just let us know you're looking for these before you start helping so we can give you the best possible review.
  5. Service Requirements: Let us know before you start helping us if you need to complete a specific number of volunteer hours or services. We'll make sure to credit you appropriately for your assistance.

Is There Training Involved?

Most positions are easily explained and picked up within the first few minutes of volunteer orientation. We will provide further training for any position requiring it, so you are comfortable with your experience.

Tracy Hatcher - Assistant Director of Operations & Volunteer Coordinator